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Arts Experiences Are a Growing Trend in Holiday Gift Giving
by Krystal Swanson

Across the country a trend is arising that has shoppers forgoing the hustle and bustle of the mall and all of its material goods and turning instead to experiential gifts.  In Columbus, many arts organizations are capitalizing on this new trend by developing new ways to give experiences in the arts as gifts.

On average, people are more satisfied with experiences rather than material goods. Research by Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, has shown that over time, people have an increased satisfaction with their experiential purchases and have decreased satisfaction with their material purchases. An American Express Life Twist study revealed that 70 percent of people feel that engaging in a new experience makes them feel more fulfilled.

Cooking classes, yoga workshops and food tours are all on the rise for holiday giving, but research suggests a compelling reason to give a more art-centric experience. Engaging in creative activities, either as a “hands on” experience, or as an observer, has proven to enhance moods and emotions and reduce stress and depression, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. Another study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology linked dancing and movement training with life satisfaction. The study showed that adults who engaged in dance classes felt more self-confidence, pride, accomplishment, group cohesiveness and an overall sense of improved life satisfaction. Music, like visual art, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Listening to music has also shown to reduce pain, improve immune functioning and aid memory retention, according to an article by Huffington Post.

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New episode Artist Profile
Devon Palmer Headshot Woodturner
Devon Palmer

Greater Columbus Arts Council intern, Krystal Swanson, had the chance to ask local woodturner Devon Palmer a few questions about his craft, art inspirations and favorite Columbus hangouts. 

KS: I read in another interview that you use “reclaimed urban forest” as your medium. Tell me more about that. Why do you use old wood as opposed to new wood? Is one more difficult to use than the other?

DP: Mostly, it’s because it is readily available. It’s trees that had to be removed for some reason or another, so I’m not going out and just whacking down trees. There’s so much; it either gets ground up into mulch or goes into a log dump. The wood tends to be more difficult [to work with] because there is more damage to the tree. It either died because it was unhealthy or it had nails and other foreign matter [embedded in it].

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Sneak Peek

New Albany Symphony Orchestra Presents Holiday Spectacular

The New Albany Symphony Orchestra, now in its eighth season, has quickly become a community favorite in the white picket fence neighborhoods of New Albany. Recent high profile events such as the season-opening “Remembering Marvin Hamlisch” performance have made each concert a must-see show. However, there is one concert that has been a consistent audience favorite since the very first season, and this year the orchestra is putting a new twist on a now-beloved New Albany tradition. This year, Holiday Spectacular is going to the movies!

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Ohio Art League Presents X Space

In December, Ohio Art League is opening X Space, a multidisciplinary project and programming space at 400 W. Rich St. Art Studios located in the Franklinton Arts District and just steps away from downtown Columbus. The launch party on Dec. 11 will coincide with the popular Franklinton Fridays, which occur on the second Friday of the month and provide a the public an open house style opportunity to explore Franklinton galleries and studios .

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Glass Axis presents its Annual Holiday Glass Sale!

anyone looking for an excuse to skip the stress of Black Friday shopping, will find a perfect opportunity to get creative local gifts the Glass Axis Annual Holiday Glass Art Sale on Dec. 11-13.

In the spacious new Glass Axis location shoppers will to find all their winter glass needs, from ornaments to snowmen, all made by local glass artists. Last year, 25 glass artists were represented in the annual sale.

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