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Lisa McLymont

Lisa McLymont

For this issue, as a part of our new marketing campaign, Art Makes Columbus, Columbus Makes Art, the Greater Columbus Arts Council interviewed Lisa McLymont, a talented mixed-media artist, to talk about her creative process and how she has been influenced by Columbus. Lisa is a proud member of the Art and Artists Of (AAO), Creative Arts of Women (CAW!), Creative Women of Color (CWoC), and Tacocat.

GCAC: Tell us a little bit about yourself, are you originally from Columbus?

LM: I was born in Manhattan, NY, but have lived in Central Ohio since my early teens. I’ve only lived in Columbus. I’ve seen too many people leave and come right back, so I will grow old here, and hope I am still actively making into my 90’s.

GCAC: How long have you been making art?

LM: After a 20+ year career as a visual designer, I recommitted myself to producing art in 2009, using it as a way to process myself through a tough transition of personal growth. I’d never stopped making art for myself, I just decided then to make work with the intention of sharing it and letting it go.

GCAC: How you would you describe your art?

LM: My art is a richly colorful and textural result of a series of meditative explorations. I use color and a variety of materials to illustrate my interpretation of the elements in our natural environment, and to connect to the viewer’s eyes and heart. Conceptually, my works are focused on conveying Love, Truth and Patience through a continuum of realistic figurative works to abstracted imagery.

My soft metal sculptural works, and minimal jewelry designs are meant to be simple reminders of our limited time here on earth. I utilize a variety of natural materials such as copper, silver, leather, shell, stone and found elements to help others find what they need to connect to and acknowledge their sources of life.

For my figurative works, I use watercolor and acrylic on wood panel or canvas to visually bring loving and supportive spirits into being. Glowing from within, these figures show facets of what we each carry inside of us, and the workings of my sensitive and inquisitive mind. These figures help me understand and convey the many ways in which we are all connected.

"Praying for Rain" by Lisa McLymont

“Praying for Rain” by Lisa McLymont

GCAC: What is your creative process?

LM: No matter the medium, my base desire is to record the emotional memories around things. To highlight the spaces where light sparkles and blurs. Each piece starts with a word or phrase, and, as I research to refine my concepts, I work to define the construction needed to bring the works to life. A majority of my works are created in one or two long sittings with few breaks, allowing me to focus on capturing the essence of a concept. There is power in being free and in the zone, and I live for those moments.

GCAC: What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself from being an artist?

LM:  The most important thing I’ve learned is my power of positive perseverance. I can depend on the fact that I’ve become comfortable with being uncomfortable, knowing that in varying degrees, life is always bitter and sweet.

GCAC: What do you love about your art?

LM:  I love that it resonates with others, and am thankful for the support I’ve received to keep it up!

GCAC: What artistic creation are you most proud of?

Lisa McLymont:  TOUGH QUESTION! I’ll go with “my most recent work.”

To refine that statement, I would say “my most recent work that went to a loving home, and provided me income to support my further growth as an artist and human.”

GCAC:  What inspires you about the Columbus arts community?

LM:  How inclusive and welcoming it feels at the independent, entrepreneurial level. The independent artists and designers I’ve encountered are as passionate, resourceful and willing to collaborate as I find I am. Through the years, I’ve found many opportunities to directly influence development of our community, and have been fortunate to inspire and to be inspired by many others.

GCAC:  What does Columbus add to your creative process that you don’t believe you’d find anywhere else?

LM: PROXIMITY to resources! The reasonable cost of living allows me to invest more of my earnings back into my art, while a lot of simple living needs are comfortably met. It doesn’t take long to get to my studio, which allows me to get my ideas out of my head and onto the canvas quickly, without them dissipating away in a traffic jam.

Columbus could be even better with safer bike lanes and better public transit. I’d return to my New York roots and never drive again!

GCAC: Please share something about yourself that other people may not know.

LM:  I frequently think and work in multiples of three, the most stable single digit.

I have a penchant for collecting small stones from my travels near and far, and while in the zone, I forget to eat.

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