Capital University Students Bring New Sounds to Columbus

By Kelsey Thaxton

Last year, Capital University students Parker Muntz, Brandon Maclean, Patrick Hearn, and Zack Newkirk came together to begin their own independent record label, Boomhouse Records. According to the group, Boomhouse Records is a Columbus based independent record label devoted to bringing a new sound and a new way of thinking to the forefront.  They have coordinated many shows and events for the groups they represent in the Columbus area. GCAC recently interviewed one of the founders, Capital University senior Parker Muntz, to learn more about Boomhouse and their involvement in the music industry.

GCAC: How did you meet, and why did you decide to start this label?

Muntz: I created the name and logo back in 2009, and tossed the idea around for awhile. I have always been interested in the mystical world of the music industry, and with as any seemingly good opportunity - we thought we could really put something together. We hashed out a rough business plan while we attended the recording workshop for Capital University music students in Chillocothe in the fall of 2010. Boomhouse is a unique group of young, creatively talented individuals - and once we realized that, it was all over. We all met through the conservatory at Capital and played music together, so it was an easy decision.

GCAC: Did you already know people involved in the music scene?

Muntz: Together, we represent 4 bands that have played and regularly play in and around Columbus. We also work out of studios around town including Oranjudio and The Tone Shoppe. I don’t want to say we "know people" but our friends are very talented and involved in the music scene, and hopefully we will be those people soon enough!

GCAC: What bands/groups do you represent?

Muntz: We represent Forest & the Evergreens, a soul/rock/groove group, The Blight, a progressive rock/metal group, Alaska Awake, a rock/metal group, and Apples and Baskets, a blues/funk group.

GCAC: What do you offer to groups that you represent, and what do you do for them?

Muntz: Boomhouse Records offers creative support that covers all the immediate needs of the artist like local and regional booking, event coordination, organization of schedules, distribution, funding, etc. We are a DIY label, and therefore we must use as many resources as we can to be successful - that can be very hard as poor college students. But, with proper decision making and delegation of funds and duties, we've done pretty well in our first year off the ground.

GCAC: What genres are you most interested in representing, if any?

Muntz: We don’t represent any one genre. We are an eclectic mix of musical talent and style and use that to our advantage. One thing must be present throughout the music we enjoy and represent, though – it’s gotta have a strong sense of groove and feel, that little unknown thing that makes your foot tap. That’s what we look for.

To learn more about Boomhouse Records, visit their artist profile, their website, or their Facebook page.  Kelsey Thaxton is currently serving as an intern in GCAC's Marketing, Communications & Events department.  She is studying Public Relations at Capital University and is set to graduate in 2012.

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